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Rubber Manure Scraper

Mensch manure scrapers are used to scrape away manure quickly and easily. The rubber edge cleans in just one pass. Made of durable industrial tires and attached to a sturdy 3 ½ x 3 ½ structural tubing frame, our scrapers are made to last.

Product Highlights

  • Outlasts steel blades 5-1
  • Takes vibration out
  • Gentle on concrete & grooved floors
  • Cleans like a squeegee
  • Reduces the risk of injuring cattle
  • Dipped in paint to provide additional protection from the elements

Pullback option

The pullback option allows you to clean out areas that cannot be cleaned by pushing.

Custom sized to fit your alleys

Up to 16' wide

Additional uses:

  • Snow removal
  • Indoor Cleanup
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Width M500 3-Point M 600 Bucket M 650 Forks M 700 Quick Tach M 100 Rubber Base M 150 w/Pullback
5'-5' 11" M500-5 M600-5 M650-5 M700-5 M100-5 M150-5
6'-6' 11" M500-6 M600-6 M650-6 M700-6 M100-6 M150-6
7'-7' 11" M500-7 M600-7 M650-7 M700-7 M100-7 M150-7
8'-8' 11" M500-8 M600-8 M650-8 M700-8 M100-8 M150-8
9'-9' 11" M500-9 M600-9 M650-9 M700-9 M100-9 M150-9
10'-10' 11" M500-10 M600-10 M650-10 M700-10 M100-10 M150-10
11'-11' 11" M500-11 M600-11 M650-11 M700-11 M100-11 M150-11
12'-12' 11" M700-12 M100-12 M150-12
Standard Height
20" 15"-17" 17"-20"

U.S. Patent No. 4,819,349 & 5,075,985

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